What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol oil, also known as CBD oil, is a natural product obtained from the Cannabis sativa plant. This plant contains several other compounds, known as cannabinoids, of which CBD is one of the most important and studied.

But what is CBD oil good for?

Unlike THC, another cannabis compound known for its psychoactive effect, CBD does not cause changes in people’s mental state. It is therefore often used as a food supplement or for therapeutic and medicinal purposes.

How is CBD oil produced?

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis plants using various methods, such as steam distillation or the use of solvents. After extraction, the final product is usually diluted in vegetable oil to make it easier to consume.

It is important to mention that in order to guarantee a quality and safe product, it is essential that CBD oil is produced by specialized companies with appropriate certifications.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD oil, when consumed, acts on the human body through interaction with our Endocannabinoid System (ES). These receptors, called CB1 and CB2, are located in the brain and the immune system, respectively.

By acting on the CB1 receptor, it is able to prevent excessive neural activity, which allows you to relax and reduce the symptoms associated with anxiety. On the other hand, by acting on the CB2 receptor, it helps in the response to the pain and reduces inflammation.

The ES is a regulatory network present in all mammals. It works as a chemical messenger, responsible for various functions in our body, including sleep, appetite and even mood.

What does full spectrum CBD oil mean?

As the name suggests, “full spectrum” products preserve all the natural components of cannabis. This means that the whole plant is used – from seeds to leaves – to make the most of its therapeutic properties.

This combination is known as the “entourage effect“.

In addition to CBD, this type of oil also contains other cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils, which act together to amplify its beneficial effects, for a more complete and effective approach.

Is it legal?

CBD oil is legal in Portugal (and in most countries). This compound is considered a dietary supplement and can be taken without restrictions, as long as the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content is less than 0.2%.

This information can be found in official documents drawn up by the Portuguese government and ASAE:

Is it an additive?

Contrary to what you might think, CBD oil is not an additive. The best-known psychoactive effect of cannabis is caused by THC, not CBD. Therefore, the use of this type of oil is safe and does not lead to addiction.

Do I need a prescription?

CBD oil is considered an over-the-counter food supplement, so it doesn’t require a prescription.

In any case, we always recommend that you consult a health professional before starting to take any kind of supplement. You should check that there are no contraindications for other medications or health problems.

The transformative role of CBD

It’s no surprise that CBD has transformed many people’s lives. As a 100% natural and safe product, it offers an alternative to conventional medicines, while promoting health and well-being in a holistic way.

From reducing anxiety and stress to relieving chronic pain, CBD oil is opening up new horizons in the field of natural medicine.

Now that you’re beginning to understand its potential, the next step is to explore how to integrate CBD oil into your routine. To find out more, we invite you to visit our “why hemp oil” page.

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