About Cannbliss

CannBliss is a Portuguese Company that specializes in premium food supplements that channel the full potential of Hemp, among other natural compounds.

Our Hemp oil is certified by the EU and has even received quality awards at an European level, and all our formulas are organically produced in the EU, from high quality hemp that is grown in the EU, using only the most innovative techniques on the market. Our quality control is complete, from the purchase of seeds, to cultivation, harvesting, extraction, refinement and packaging, and all our products are certified by several independent third-party lab studies.

This results in superior quality quality products, which are healthy, safe, 100% natural and that have no psychoactive effect or risk of intoxication, ideal for those looking to improve their health and well-being through the incredible power of Hemp.

sobre a cannbliss - óleos de canhamo

Our Mission

To promote health and well-being through unique products, which are created using the most innovative and safe technologies and production methods, thus helping to transform the lives of our customers.

Our Vision

To become a true benchmark company in the Portuguese and European wellness universe, offering the best premium quality products on the market, which are defined by their safety and naturalness, and that channel the full potential of our ingredients to take care of body & mind.

Our Values

We believe in promoting balance and well-being, through our high quality natural products, which are defined by their sophistication, innovation, credibility and scientific rigor. We promote good relations with all our customers and partners, through our credibility and reliability.
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